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Use of sferics is worth its own article, but I will say that for this kind of matching up I prefer the more sensitive strike mode to cell mode.
If you've spent much time considering thunderstorm avoidance and the tools available, you've probably heard this before: Nexrad and sferics are strategic tools; airborne weather radar is tactical.
The average level of sferics activity differed between the experiments due to the annual rhythm of sferics activity, as thunderstorms are more common in the summer.
What makes the system different from other sferics is its ability to accurately detect and paint lightning at close range, as well as accurately detect the bearing of the strike.
First things first: Quality sferics gear displays most lightning activity in real time throughout the life cycle of a thunderstorm.
The G500 accepts oodles of remote inputs including the GDL69 XM receiver, a wide variety of traffic systems and the L-3 WX500 sferics.
Most owners tarted these airplanes up with all kinds of additional goodies, including traffic, dat-alink and sferics gear, so what used ones are out there are well equipped.