SFESScience Faculty with Education Specialties (various locations)
SFESSociety of Forensic Engineers and Scientists
SFESSociété Française d'Economie de la Santé
SFESSchool of Forest and Ecosystem Science (University of Melbourne; Australia)
SFESSchool of Forestry and Environmental Studies (Yale University)
SFESSupplement to the Final Environmental Statement
SFESSeismic Force Resisting System
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where [[gamma].sub.L] and [[gamma].sub.S] are the SFEs (per unit area) of the liquid and the solid phases, respectively, and [[gamma].sub.LS] is the SFE (per unit area) at the interface between the liquid and solid phases (i.e., interfacial tension).
Some 3,000 evacuees from barangays Calbayog and San Roque have been temporarily sheltered at the SFES while Mayon victims from barangay Tugawe are temporarily staying at MES.
The spherical fuel element (SFE) is the key component in the Chinese high-temperature gas-cooled reactor (HTGR) project.
The highest POC values were observed in the SFMS and pasture areas, followed by SFAS and SFES areas, whereas the lowest POC values were found in the agricultural areas (Table 2).
Second, when an SFES does detect a price impact, it reflects confounding effects that are unrelated to the alleged fraud.
enterprises, especially SFEs and LAEs, will likely become a positive
The SFEs were critical because of the need for field testing, interaction with producers, enhanced technology dissemination, and technology development.
We also compare each of the 12 monthly SFEs after option listing to its corresponding SFE a year earlier to adjust for seasonality as well as for control stocks.
Coverage includes a review of several tools used in stochastic mechanism, a review of periodic and disordered planar lattices, classic planar and micropolar elasticity, the passage from a microstructure to an effective micropolar continuum, and problems of microstructural randomness and scaling--both representative and statistical volume elements (RVEs/SVEs) and micromechanically based stochastic finite elements (SFEs), thermomechanics with internal variables, and waves in random media.
There are a significant number, in Europe at least, of self-initiated expatriate experiences (SFEs): people who find their own way to another country (Snutari & Brewster, 2000).
For example, SFEs of fat from meats, candies, and oilseeds can be conveniently accomplished by the methods generated to date, whereas it has proven difficult to determine SFEs of certain bakery products and pet foods due to inter-molecular associations.