SFFASStatement of Federal Financial Accounting Standards
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SFFASSuperfund Financial Assessment System (EPA)
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Some entities interpreted the SFFAS 5 standard with respect to other postemployment benefits (OPEB) to require the use of single-day Treasury rates for the discount rates.
In Interpretation 3, Measurement Date for Pension and Retirement Health Care Liabilities (August 1997), the Board addressed the valuation date issue with respect to measuring federal civilian and military employee pension and retirement health care liabilities in general purpose financial reports prepared pursuant to SFFAS 5.
In addition, except for the change in terminology to characterize the preparer's "best estimate" as "reasonable estimate," this Statement does not apply to social insurance programs for which the FASAB has specifically provided standards in SFFAS 17, Accounting for Social Insurance.
Multi-use heritage assets acquired through donation or devise should be recognized as general PP&E at the assets' fair value at the time received, and the amount should also be recognized as "nonexchange revenues" as defined in SFFAS 7, Accounting for Revenue and Other Financing Sources.
SFFAS 8 Chapter 4 (Stewardship Land) is rescinded in its entirety.
See also SFFAS 8, Supplementary Stewardship Reporting, par.
By fully implementing the provisions in SFFAS 4 (issued in July 1995) this standard will require the following for inter-entity cost:
TABLE OF CONTENTS Summary Introduction Standards of Federal Financial Accounting Amendments to SFFAS 4 Effective Date Appendix A: Basis for Conclusions Introduction Amendments to Standards Exposure Draft Responses to the ED Board Consideration of Comments Additional Guidance Effective Date Board Approval and Dissent Appendix B: List of Abbreviations
The inter-entity cost provision in SFFAS 4 provided that each entity's full cost should incorporate the full cost of goods and services that it receives from other entities.
Reporting amounts of deferred maintenance by category of PP&E is a required disclosure in accordance with the SFFAS No.
The Board acknowledges that there is great uncertainty inherent in long term projections, but believes that if the uncertainty is suitably disclosed as is required by SFFAS 17--it need not preclude designating the information as a basic financial statement, essential for fair presentation in conformity with GAAP.
The information required by SFFAS 17 reports on the financial effects of existing law and demographic conditions and assumptions, just as the pension obligation at a point in time is based on existing conditions.