SFFECOSaudi Factory for Fire Equipment Co
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PRODUCT INNOVATIONS/INTRODUCTIONS II-21 Aerli Sdn Bhd and SAS Ink a Pact II-21 Hatsuta Seisakusho and Frontier Jointly Launch a Polyethylene Naphthalate Resin Blow Moulded Fire Extinguisher II-21 Gunnebo Releases K Class Series of Fire Extinguishers II-21 Jo Bird Launches New Fire Extinguisher and Breathing Apparatus Cabinets II-21 SFFECO Unveils New EN3 Approved Extinguishers II-21 SAFELINCS Releases New Dry Water Mist Fire Extinguisher II-21 Eureka Forbes launches New Range of Fire Extinguishers II-21 4.
The exhibitor base will be comprised of Turkish distributors and international big brand manufacturers including; Axis Communications, Canon, Panasonic, SFFECO, Sony and many more.
Sponsors of the forum will include Naffco, SFFECO, Lightstep Technologies and Thomas Bell-Wright.
The suppliers include SFFECO (fire fighting systems), Esser by Honeywell - Germany (intelligent fire alarm systems), Hociki Europe UK Ltd (fire alarm systems), Hi Sharp (CCTV systems), IDTeck (access control systems) and Checkpoint (anti-shoplifting systems).