SFFQSemiquantitative Food Frequency Questionnaire
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First, SFFQ may not be the most accurate tool for use in the assessment of dietary sufficiency; thus, dietary vitamin D and calcium intake may be subject to measurement error.
The SFFQ included 120 food items and beverages selected, as well as questions on habitual cooking methods, to estimate the usual diet of individuals during the previous year.
SFFQ were filled by the parents and compared the caloric intake (Table 1).
In order to assess caloric intake, parents completed a Short Food Frequency Questionnaire (SFFQ) for energy assessment for each child on both encounters.
Spanning the development of SFFQ during the late 1960s to today, writers have created imagined communities that forefront the problems of defining the nation and developing a national identity.
Although debates over sovereignty appear to have died down after the failure of a second referendum for sovereignty-association in 1995, works of contemporary SFFQ continue to depict worlds that in many ways figure Quebec.