SFFVSpleen Focus-Forming Virus
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CCHFV, Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus; SFFV, sandfly fever virus.
To address the question of the influence of cPPT (HIV) together with the CTS element on the foamy viral cycle, we compared the cell cycle requirements for efficient cell transduction by the pMD9- and pWPXL-based plasmids, expressing the same transgene (eGFP) under control of different promoters (SFFV U3 in pMD6 and EF1-[alpha] in pWPXL) in dividing and growth-arrested ([G.sub.1]/S) A549 cells.
In this regard, it is always inaccurate to compare the levels of transgene expression under control of the different promoters (SFFV U3 versus EF1-[alpha]).