SFGRSpotted Fever Group Rickettsiae
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To our knowledge, there are few reports of a myopericarditis due to SFGR infections (Table) (2-9), and in PubMed, we found none attributed to R.
A skin biopsy specimen of the rash lesion obtained after death and tested by PCR at CDPH was positive for DNA of SFGR species.
Acute SFGR infection was defined as seroconversion or a 4-fold increase in R.
We screened specimens for antibodies against TGR, SFGR, and STGO by ELISA, as described (11), and determined titers for positive specimens.
burnetii and SFGR cases were detected throughout the year, with peaks noted in February-June for SFGR and April-July for C.
ticks are active in central Spain), we have further epidemiologic evidence for attributing the infection to SFGR causing DEBONEL/TIBOLA/SENLAT.
The chance of a soldier having an infection with SFGR was significantly higher than the chance of having an infection with TGR or STGO ([chi square] test, p<0.
We tested for molecular evidence of any SFGR species by nested PCR of rompA (rickettsial outer membrane protein A gene) (1).
The increase in convalescent-phase geometric mean titer was 14-fold (845) for SFGR, 17-fold (920) for TGR, and 11-fold (951) for SFGR/TGR rickettsiae.
rickettsii, consistent with previous surveys of this tick for SFGR in North Carolina and other states (8,14,15).
Immunohistochemical staining for SFGR showed rare antigens in a few small foci of perivascular inflammation.