SFGSScottish Forestry Grants Scheme (Scotland, UK)
SFGSStudents for Global Sustainability (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
SFGSStratum Fibrosum et Griseum Superficiale (Latin; ophthalmology)
SFGSSum Frequency Generation Spectroscopy
SFGSSteam-Flaked Grain Sorghum (animal feed)
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Indeed, one purpose of SFGS is, as its subtitle indicates, to provide functional contrasts between Spanish and English.
Up until this point, SFGS follows 'standard' SFG practice as most widely cited from An Introduction to Functional Grammar (Halliday and Matthiessen 2004; henceforth IFG).
The SFGS framework for analysis includes the Thematic Field, "a complex functional zone in clause/initial position serving a variety of clausal and discourse functions" (299).