SFGSScottish Forestry Grants Scheme (Scotland, UK)
SFGSStudents for Global Sustainability (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
SFGSStratum Fibrosum et Griseum Superficiale (Latin; ophthalmology)
SFGSSum Frequency Generation Spectroscopy
SFGSSteam-Flaked Grain Sorghum (animal feed)
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Under the new relief measure, SME borrowers may apply to their lenders under the SFGS for principal moratorium of up to 6 months which is renewable, subject to a maximum of 12 months in total.
Not surprisingly, multiple publications have been generated in the area of neurotrauma in the years before and since the neurotrauma SFG began.
In [13], the signal flow graph (SFG) approach [14] was used for third-order elliptic LPF design.
(23) There are essentially two types of game-theory models: the simple-form game (SFG) and the extensive-form game (EFG).
Up until this point, SFGS follows 'standard' SFG practice as most widely cited from An Introduction to Functional Grammar (Halliday and Matthiessen 2004; henceforth IFG).
General Zinni has made us the operational lead, and he wants to use SOF [special operations forces] with our military-to-military peacetime engagement techniques to open up those particular countries for training with US forces." (46) General Toney ramped up the SOFEX and JCET programs to meet this need and he turned to the subordinate 5th Special Forces Group (5 SFG) at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, for the A-Teams.
Most SFGs and EFGs do not start out with players seeking to work cooperatively (i.e., striving for Pareto improvement).
I derived planting densities for single functional group (SFG) plots by dividing target biomass by the mean size of individuals for each species and by the proportion of seed germination for each species.
During the past year, members from various AANN Special Focus Groups (SFGs) have reviewed all of the JNN articles published in their subspecialty.
Meanwhile, Admiral Robert Willard, PACOM Commander, initiated in January 2010 reviews of approaches toward the PRC and toward Taiwan (among other concerns like North Korea) by "strategic focus groups (SFGs)."
This was revealed in a meeting of conveners of 21 Sector Focused Groups (SFGs) held here on Monday under the chairmanship of Asad Elahi, CEO, EDB.