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SFHSingle Family Home
SFHSmoke-Free Home (initiative)
SFHStrike Force Heroes (gaming)
SFHStronger Faster Healthier (Maine Natural Health)
SFHSociété de Financement de l’Habitat (French financing company)
SFHSociety for Family Health
SFHSaint Francis Hospital (several in US)
SFHSociété Française d'Hématologie (French: French Society of Hematology)
SFHSony Financial Holdings, Inc. (Japan)
SFHSkills for Health (UK)
SFHSt. Francis House (various locations)
SFHSenior Friendly Hospital (Canada)
SFHSlow Frequency Hopping
SFHSecurity Forces Hospital (Saudi Arabia)
SFHSent from Hell (gaming clan)
SFHSymphysis-Fundal Height
SFHSyndicat Français de l'Hôtellerie (French: French Union of Hotels)
SFHSidney Frank Hall (Brown Univeristy; Providence, RI)
SFHSociété Française d'Hypnose (French: French Society of Hypnosis)
SFHSoros Foundation-Hungary (est. 1984)
SFHSupport for Healing (Facebook group)
SFHSociété Française d'Hémaphérèse (French: French Society for Hemapheresis)
SFHSpectrum Flight Hour
SFHSoftware-Friendly Hardware
SFHSafe Flight Hour
SFHState Forensic Hospital (Michigan)
SFHSociété Forezienne Hydraulique (French hydraulics company)
SFHSweets from Heaven (various locations)
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SFH measurement with a tape--measure seems a simple clinical method because it is cheap, readily available, non-invasive and acceptable to patients.
Earlier, SFH's regional manager for Southwest, Mrs Funke Adewoyin, had stated that services at the facility are free for key populations and their partners.
- Revenue (excluding SFH) to remain largely flat in FYE19 as weakening sales momentum in the semiconductor segment is likely to be offset by continuously strong revenue momentum in the G&NS segment
O SFH deve ordenar os preceitos das entidades de saude e orgaos reguladores, ao mesmo tempo em que se alinha as politicas e convencoes da administracao da instituicao de saude (AD, OSS, empresa publica, etc.), contribuindo para um ambiente com flexibilidade, agilidade, criatividade, eficiencia, equidade e participacao social (Cipriano, 2009).
* The SFH 4735 infrared LED opens up nutritional analysis for consumer applications
In 2013, SFH supervisor and trainer Matthew Cahill, a trustee of AfSFH and also a director of UKCHO, set out to establish a research project which would deliver hard data to support our work.
Results: SFH (0.03, 0.1 or 1 mg/kg; po) induced a dose-dependent, long-lasting reduction in the systolic blood pressure in conscious DOCA-salt hypertensive mice (DOCA).
RIYADH: The Security Forces Hospital (SFH) in Riyadh received eight people injured in the terrorist attack at the Special Emergency Forces mosque in Asir that killed 15, including 11 officers on Thursday.
[10, 11] The aim of this study was to describe the profile of state patients who were admitted to Sterkfontein Psychiatric Hospital (SFH) during the years 2004 and 2005 and to examine their 3-year outcomes.
Finally, Model SFH and SFX Series Shredders are similar to the SHH units in their basic design, but they feature unique trapezoid-shaped, trap-cut blades that are configured to meet the special requirements of high-volume reclaim of plastic film and fibre scrap.
However, the Q3 2014 apartment and single family home (SFH) or villa sale prices are still up 28.8 per cent and 14.5 per cent year-on-year, said the Phidar's House Price Index.
Model SFH and SFX Series shredders are similar to SHH units in basic design, but they feature unique trapezoid-shaped trap-cut blades for high-volume reclaim of plastic film and fiber scrap.