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SFHASpecial Flood Hazard Area
SFHASan Francisco Housing Authority
SFHAStorage Foundation and High Availability (data storage)
SFHASamoa Family Health Association (International Planned Parenthood Federation)
SFHASouth Fallsburg Hebrew Association (New York)
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Further, the act and regulation require the lender or its servicer to provide a written notice and to force-place such insurance, if necessary, when a lender learns that a property requires flood insurance coverage because it is in an SFHA as a result of a flood-map change (which is occurring in many communities as a result of the Federal Emergency Management Agency's [FEMA's] map-modernization program).
Forty-one percent are located in the SFHA or A-zone (100-year flood zone), and 9 percent are located in the B/C/X-zones (500-year flood or lower risk zones).
He informed the company that the studies originally conducted by FEMA were notoriously inaccurate, and advised The Cabot Group to survey the building elevations to determine if they were, in fact, at an elevation that would result in them being designated as within an SFHA.
Most insurance underwriters raise the deductible for flood coverage for an SFHA property from the usual $25,000, which typically satisfies a lender's requirement, to $250,000 or more.
SFHA chief executive Mary Taylor said: "We are seeing affected tenants race to access the PS10million available.
The second, a 2006 RAND report, estimates that about 49 percent of properties in SFHAs purchased NFIP flood insurance, and only I percent of properties outside SFHAs purchased insurance, even though one-third of NFIP policies are outside SFHAs (Dixon et al.
Most older buildings located in an SFHA will actually have their lowest floors below the base flood elevation and will have a higher percentage chance of flooding.
Deputy chief executive Andrew Field said: "The SFHA was pleased that the government decided last year to accelerate funding.
If the insurable improvements are in a SFHA and flood insurance is, therefore, required, give written notice to the borrower at least 10 days prior to closing or at the time of commitment as to: a) the flood hazard status of the property; b) the community participation status; and c) community eligibility for disaster relief.