SFHESuperfluid Helium
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Two of the surveys we reviewed, the NSAF and the SFHE, have a targeted focus on low-income households and take special measures to ensure that this subgroup is adequately sampled.
CTS and SFHE go a step further and ask if "care is getting easier or harder to obtain.
SFHE asks respondents if they suffered adverse health effects when they had difficulty [TABULAR DATA FOR TABLE 3 OMITTED] getting a wide range of services: general physician, emergency, specialist, home health, rehabilitation, medications, mental health, and dental care.
MEPS, CTS, CAHPS, and SFHE devote a number of questions to the perceptions of patients on how their health plan may be influencing their care and their physician's decisions regarding their care (see Table 3).
Four surveys (CAHPS, CTS, SFHE, and MEPS) will help monitor consumer choices and ways in which health plan choice may influence patient satisfaction, quality, and access to care (see Table 4).