SFHHSociété Française d'Hygiène Hospitalière
SFHHSix Flags Hurricane Harbor (theme park)
SFHHStudents for Hip Hop (University of California, Berkeley)
SFHHStitt Feld Handy Houston (law firm; Canada)
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TABLE 8 Estimates of Relationship Between Log Minimum Wages and Log Poverty Rate Among Single Female Heads of Household with Children Under Age 18 (SFHH), 1988-2003 Poverty Rate Among SFHH 1 2 Log (minimum wage) -0.
Already, SFHH physicians are spending up to 40 percent less time on their rounds; patients stay in one room for the entire duration of their visit, with treatment occurring at bedside; data collecting and lab result postings have been sped up, resulting in more time for physicians to spend with patients; and the hospital has a 97.