SFIIStreet Fighter II (game)
SFIISvenska Forskningsinstitutet i Istanbul (Danish: Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul)
SFIISan Francisco Implant Institute (dentistry; San Francisco, CA)
SFIIStallion-Flex II (truck coiled air brake line; Philatron International)
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PFGE analyses revealed a single SfiI profile and 2 NotI profiles, 1 represented by a single strain.
CCHA-2142 cDNA was digested with SfiI and then inserted into the pBI121G vector, which is remodeled as previously described [18].
As a more or less traditional 1911, the SFII has no forward cocking serrations.
(2.) "Discussion of the International Institute as a Private Agency in San Francisco, Presented to the Section on Family Welfare of the Relief Council of the Community Chest," May 10, 1934, IHRC, SFII Papers, 168:34:9.
The resulting combinatorial mutant scFv were cloned into the pYD41 vector using homologous recombination after transformation into EBY100 as described (21) using 1 [micro]g of each amplified combinatorial mutant scFv gene and 0.1 [micro]g pYD41 linearized with SfiI and NotI.
Patterns of pulsed-field gel electrophoresis (PFGE) using AscI and SfiI enzymes for specimens from 2 occupational cases of Legionella longbeachae infection, a positive soil sample, and various other L.
For amplification of the genes for the human IgE heavy chain constant regions (IGHE) we used primers containing an AscI site (GAT CGG CGC GCC CAT CCG TCT TCC CCT TGA), an SfiI site, a 4xhis-tag (GAT CGG CCC AGC CGG CCT CAT TTA CCG GGA TTT ACA GAC AC), and for the s [C.sub.H]2-4 domains we used primers containing an AscI site (GAT CGG CGC GCC CAC CGT GAA GAT CTT AC), an XbaI site, and a 4xhis-tag (GAT CTC TAG ATC AAT GGT GGT GAT GTT TAC CGG GAT TTA CAG ACA CCG).
cholerae isolates directly associated with the outbreak on Hispaniola were examined, 7 of which had indistinguishable SfiI and NotI PFGE patterns designated PulseNet USA patterns KZGS12.0088 and KZGN11.0092, respectively (Table 1).
After a subsequent round of PCR amplification with an outer primer set (scback/scfor), the gel-purified scFv fragments were digested with SfiI, ligated into the phage display vector pAK100, and transformed into electrocompetent TG-1 cells.
cholerae (7) with SfiI and NotI restriction enzymes (Roche Molecular Biochemicals, Indianapolis, IN, USA).
cholerae isolates were subtyped according to the PulseNet standardized pulsed-field gel electrophoresis (PFGE) protocol, using primary and secondary restriction enzymes SfiI and NotI, respectively (12).
Second-stage PCR product was prepared for cloning by digesting it for 4 h at 50[degrees]C with 10 U of SfiI (New England Biolabs), followed by purification with the GeneClean reagent set (Q-biogene).