SFIMSan Francisco Institute of Music (San Francisco, CA)
SFIMSociete de Fabrication d'Instruments de Mesures
SFIMSporadic Fatal Infectious Mononucleosis
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Richard Killingbeck, chief executive of SFIM, said: 'We are delighted to welcome Carolyn to our business.
Under the agreement, Sherpa will provide SFIM Industries with company-wide product data management software and services.
To adapt its processes to a new manufacturing environment characterized by reduced costs, faster time-to-market and improved quality, SFIM Industries defined a global information management strategy.
The Sherpa PDM system will manage all SFIM Industries' products during their lifecycles -- from their design to their withdrawal from service(which can represent from several to several-dozen years).
For SFIM Industries, it was important not to take any risks on the PDM solution," explains Christian Chenebault, head of technical office management and manager of the PDM project at the company.
Sub-contractors on the Osiris include SFIM and SAGEM for the stabilized platform; and SAT, ELTRO and Thorn EMI for its thermal camera.