SFINSubcommittee on Fiscal Imbalance (Canada)
SFINSaskatchewan Federation of Indian Nations (Canada)
SFINSteamed-and-Fried Instant Noodles (food starch study)
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SKYDIVING--"Intamplarea face ca farile cu tradifia cea mai indelungata in skydiving sa fie si cele mai pufin accesibile pentru romani." (sfin.ro)
WAKEBOARD/WAKEBOARDING--"Un pic de skateboard, un pic de snowboard, ceva schi nautic si o completare optionala de parapanta toate au fost aduse sub <<umbrela>> wakeboard-ului." (xtrem.ro) [??] "Fara sa nasca o isterie de masa, o moda internationala sau sa adune o avalansa de fani, wakeboarding-ul a generat, totusi, o cultura proprie.' (sfin.ro)
At the commencement of trading, Singer Finance (SFIN) rose over 333% beyond its initial public offer at Rs.15 closing at Rs.50.50 at closure of market hours.
Variables (h) (SFIN) and (i) (DFIN) represent words with inflectional morphemes those ending in s, the sign of third-person singular verbs in nonpast forms and of plural nouns, and those ending in d, the sign of past verb forms.
A typical slice of the data would have the appearance shown in Table 1: Decade 3rd 2nd 9th Genre Periodicals Travel Education LAT 22.27 20.91 22.11 MSL 69.93 57.14 38.58 MWL 4.78 4.52 4.86 SFIN 23.63 21.44 23.96 DFIN 15.56 13.71 18.43 TYP 808 722 751 HAP 577 504 507 FW5 23.38 19.39 18.99 TOP2 13.91 11.08 9.67 NTOK 110 119 126 Table 1: Sample Data From the Century of Prose Corpus
But the weakly correlated pairs (MSL with MWL, SFIN, TYP, HAP, and NTOK) indicate that each variable provides us with unique information: that is, each of these variables acts independently, not as a result of the presence of another variable.
We may note the correlation of the LAT variable (letters indicating Latinate vocabulary) with MWL, SFIN, and DFIN and attempt to explain the first of these by recalling that Latinate words are longer, which would result in a longer mea word length, but no such easy explanation would take care of the other two variables.