SFINGESynthetic Fingerprint Generator
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I focus especially on five novels in which immigration and some of its related issues are at the heart of the narration--namely, Il ladro di merendine (1996) and its sequel of sorts Una lama di luce (2012), Il giro di boa (2003), Le ali della sfinge (2006), and the most recent L'altro capo del filo (2016)--to show the author's commitment to discuss the European migrant and refugee crisis in literature.
Regarding FVC2002 databases, three databases are collected with different sensors, including optical and capacitive sensor and one database is synthesized with SFinGE [7].
Alternatively, individual monsters, invariably belonging to classical mythology, may be named (Furia, Circe, Argo, Tesiphone, Arpia, Megera, Aletto, Scilla, Sfinge, Medusa, Medea).
3 Vasari, 1906, 7:598-99, as appearing in an appendix to the Vite, "Degli Accademici del Disegno": "una Venere ignuda con Cupido que la bacciava, ed [significa] il Piacere da un lato e il Giuoco con altri Amori: e dall'altro la Fraude, la Gelosia ed altre pasioni d'amore" (emphasis mine; alas, the index in the standard Vasari-Milanesi edition does not list specific subject matter, such as "Sfinge," and/or "Fraude").
On the other hand, like the passenger in the "Diario di bordo," Zeno could say of his other: "Conosco meglio di lui |lei~ l'animo suo" (481) and at the same time he could state with the confidence given to him by the shadow in which he writes: "Egli poi non mi conosce." But if Augusta can be understood as the non-threatening "formica assidua" whose absolute health can even be taught, Carla is the "sfinge" (241) whom Zeno is not able to comprehend and by whom he is finally excluded.
The sfinge are airy golden spheres filled with cubes of provolone cheese or anchovy pieces.
l'Acherontia--benche sfinge e parente--" (LP: 266, vv.
Pastries are very popular on the day and people also indulge in zeppole (doughnuts) and sfinge (cream puffs).
FVC2002 DATABASES [22] Sensor type Image size Resolution DB1 optical sensor 388x374 500 dpi "TouchView II" (142 Kpixels) by Identix DB2 optical sensor 296x560 569 dpi "FX2000" (162 Kpixels) by Biometrika DB3 capacitive sensor 300x300 500 dpi "100 SC" (88 Kpixels) by Precise Biometrics DB4 synthetic 288x384 about 500 fingerprint generation (108 Kpixels) dpi SFinGe v2.51 TABLE II.