SFISStandard Financial Information Structure
SFISSustainable Forestry Initiative Standard
SFISShop Floor Information System (Primac Systems, Inc.)
SFISSwedish Association for Information Specialists
SFISState Farm International Services
SFISSoftware Fault Insertion Testing (Telcordia)
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Our results showed that father's education and occupation significantly contributed to SFIS but mother's education and occupation did not, suggesting that fathers played a more salient role in determining household SES backgrounds than did mothers.
The Legislature should consider the pros and cons of repealing state law requiring fingerprint imaging, including whether SFIS is consistent with the State's community outreach and education campaign efforts for the Food Stamp program.
With this knowledge, we designed a sale process which engaged these strategic buyers and then presented SFIS in such a way that the benefits of an acquisition were easily understood by each buyer.
Located in Santa Fe, NM, SFIS serves middle and high school students and is owned and operated by the 19 Pueblos of New Mexico.
The Amendment provides that if BellSouth's reporting obligations under the Exchange Act have been terminated and if SFIS, as trustor of the Trust, determines that the Trust is not otherwise required to be liquidated under applicable laws, then the Trust may continue without liquidating provided the Certificates are stricken from listing on the NYSE and the Trust's reporting obligations under the Exchange Act are terminated.
Excluding SFIS premiums from both periods, net written premiums in the fourth quarter declined 0.
Armed with this executive-level perspective, it's much easier to understand the role of SFIS and other standards in DoD business transformation.
The P&C Other segment, which includes results from operations that Safeco has exited or placed in runoff, including SFIS (Safeco Financial Institution Solutions), had a pretax underwriting profit of $8.
The SFIS is based on nine principles that address economic, environmental, cultural and legal issues, in addition to a commitment to continuously improve sustainable forest management.
SFIS is a standard for categorizing financial information along several dimensions to support financial management and reporting functions.