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SFJSaphenofemoral Junction
SFJKangerlussuaq, Greenland - Sondre Stromfjord (Airport Code)
SFJSimple File Joiner (software)
SFJSuper Florence Jam (band)
SFJShudderless Freering Tripod Joint
SFJSartrouville Figurines & Jeux (French gaming group)
SFJStandforward Jamming
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117 of the Criminal Code Act 1995 provides that Australian courts have jurisdiction in cases involving crimes against humanity whether or not the offense was committed in Australia, Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, a New Yorkbased human rights lawyer and legal advisor to SFJ.
Finally, in selecting states with SFJs, the authors apparently made no attempt to distinguish between "equity" cases, which focus on equalizing funding, and "adequacy" cases, which have as their goal increased funding.
Nobody from SFJ, which is now in receivership, was in court yesterday.
SFJ had previously warned Conwy Council that a fire could cause havoc on the site.
In the case of the SFJ, the fiber and sheath are withdrawn together until the tip of the fiber is at or just below the SFJ (Figure 3).
The study enrolled 392 patients in over 100 sites in Europe, North and South America and Asia, including Japan,and was conducted by Eisai in collaboration with SFJ Pharma Ltd.
The SFJ launched a ' Stop Modi Sign Petition' to oppose the visit.
He concludes his statement by saying that IED, AHL and SFJ also "appreciate the Independent Expert's attention to the issue of transnational groups, such as the Sikh Diaspora, and the right of these groups to address the continuing violations of their people in their traditional homelands due to the inability of those remaining to do so effectively and without risk of unacceptable oppressive measures.
With this political process in mind, we decided to investigate how politics might influence the way an SFJ alters a state's school-finance system.
Yesterday his employer - SFJ Ltd of Coed Pella Road, Colwyn Bay - admitted failing to ensure the safety of employees at work after being prosecuted by the Health and Safety Executive.