SFLASan Francisco to Los Angeles (flights; California)
SFLASolicitors Family Law Association (UK)
SFLAStudents for Life of America (est. 1988)
SFLAStupid Four Letter Acronym
SFLASimple Free Law Advisor (online legal advice; UK)
SFLASquare Foot Living Area
SFLAScottish Family Law Association (UK)
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Hosseinian, "Parameter identification of Jiles-Atherton model using SFLA," COMPEL--The International Journal for Computation and Mathematics in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, vol.
The SFLA algorithm is a heuristic evolutionary algorithm by imitating foraging behavior of frogs, proposed by Dr.
Key Words: Reconfiguration SFLA distribution systems loss reduction radial network
In addition, a comparison with traditional evolution optimizers, such as GA, SFLA, and BA, indicates that HPSO-TVAC gives the best solutions in a wide range of modulation index.
Because the frog move behavior directly affects the performance of SFLA algorithm, boundary mutation strategy directly affects the frog move behavior, so using the effective boundary treatment strategy to improve the algorithm's performance is necessary and feasible.
Section 3 shows some basic knowledge on SFLA. Section 4 is dedicated to SFLA for RCPSP.
Keown lists traditional benefits of observing sfla, including both ordinary consequences and rebirth in heaven, treating them as morally and qualitatively equivalent, in spite of a separate section entitled "A Happy Rebirth" (45-46).
In fact, the reality of fathers rights is that they are exactly the same as mothers', says Louisa Cross, spokeswoman for the Solicitors Family Law Association (SFLA).
It means that she has qualified by examination in two key areas of family law to gain her accreditation by the Solicitors Family Law Association (SFLA).
Julia was already a member of one of the first female fan lists called the Star Fleet Ladies Auxiliary and Baking Society and "liked the idea of trying to replicate what we had over in the SFLA ...
The Solicitors Family Law Association (SFLA) suggest you seek an early hearing to get interim contact with your children.
Furthermore, we have also applied Shuffled Frog Leap Algorithm (SFLA) [43] for parameter tuning of the ANN.