SFLCSerum Free Light Chain (immunoassay)
SFLCSoftware Freedom Law Center (New York, NY)
SFLCSurface Forces Logistics Center (US Coast Guard)
SFLCSan Francisco Labor Council (San Francisco, CA)
SFLCSheffield Family Life Center (Kansas City, MO)
SFLCSpace Flight Leadership Council (NASA)
SFLCScaled Fourier Linear Combiner
SFLCStudent Faculty Library Center (Purdue University; Hammond, IN)
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In 2009, the International Myeloma Working Group evaluated studies that compared the diagnostic sensitivity and specificity of different combinations of testing components, and the group concluded that the evidence supported the use of a combination of SPE, serum IFE, and sFLC testing for screening for monoclonal disorders.
Because of that, the international Myeloma Working Group (IMWG), working on refining the criteria of CR in an effort to improve the outcome of the patients and in 2006, introduced normalization of sFLCs and absence of clonal PCs in BM biopsies by immunohistochemistry and/or immunofluorescence as additional requirements to define more stringent CR criteria [95].
SFLC is making costs visible as exemplified by the standup of a single, national fleet logistics center at SFLC in Sep 2009 that presented the opportunity to capture the full cost of fleet maintenance, and SFLC is vigorously pursuing that objective today.
In other words, SFLC believes any proprietary code that is distributed with GPLv2 code, as part of a single product package, is itself subject to GPLv2 license terms.
Polyclonal sFLC levels are increased as a consequence of the reduction of their clearance [1].
A decentralized nonlinear adaptive controller (DNAC) was developed by Huaguang and Cai (2002) in terms of a state feedback FL controller (SFLC) for the inner loop and a frequency-domain adaptive compensator (FDAC) for the outer loop with the global objective of minimizing the error between the actual output and desired trajectory in the presence of disturbances, approximated as a Fourier integration function.
The study also ascertained participation in active indoor recreation according to Stage in the Family Life Cycle (SFLC)--classified as follows: (i) single; (ii) newly married, no children; (iii) married with young children; (iv) married with school-age children; (v) married, children are nature and have left home; (vi) elderly widow/widower; (vii) remarried widow/widower .
Columbia Law School hosts the Software Freedom Law Center ("SFLC") which provides advice related to the GPL as well as enforcement.
Last year it struck a similar deal with the two lessors, selling two -200s to CALC and one to SFLC. Apr 3, 2008
SFLC will offer informal support to assist units, rear-detachment commanders, Soldiers and their families during pre- and post-deployment phases.
(15.)Letter from James Rolph to Chamber of Commerce, SFLC, BTC and Waterfront Workers' Federation, 10 August 1916, Rolph Papers, California Historical Society (hereafter CHS), San Francisco, California.
The STARS SFLC Model Definition As part of the initial phase of the STARS SPMS project, a previously defined, exemplary life cycle process model was used to test out the process modeling and analysis notions.