SFLSSan Francisco Law School (San Francisco, CA)
SFLSSociété Française de Lutte Contre Le Sida (French: French Society of the Fight Against AIDS)
SFLSShanghai Foreign Language School (Shanghai, China)
SFLSSioux Falls Lutheran School (Sioux Falls, SD)
SFLSSuzhou Foreign Language School (Suzhou, China)
SFLSStructure Factor Least Squares (mathematical and scientific calculation)
SFLSStress Fiber-Like Structure
SFLSSarno Functional Life Scale (rehabilitation medicine)
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These data are combined with comprehensive information on state and local SFLs for the period 1990 to 2012 in order to test whether the implementation of a SFL in a given state or locality is associated with a change in infant and child health.
In 2010, silicon nanowire anode based on SFLS for lithium ion battery method was reported by Chan et al.
It is a little different from Students for Liberty (SFL, also founded in 2008) but I cannot tell how, nor can I explain why, only one group was represented at a school with 29,000 undergraduates.
The original contact with SFLS began after Eirias High School English teacher Glyn Edwards spent a year at the school teaching English to Chinese pupils prior to training as a teacher in the UK.
He will manage all aspects of SFLs delivery and will grow the PAA practice [measuring how people in an organisation spend their time by process, rather than by function] as a strategic service stream in SFL's People Aspects of Change programme.
Under the original provisions of the 1996 business plan, the MNR was to retain primary inspection responsibility in crown management units for which SFLS had not been established.
This Short Form Catalog offers concise information on all of the highly innovative lighting and bright displays solutions offered by Stanley Electric, including LEDs, LCDs, CFLs, SMLs, SFLs and more.
It will also allow the corporation to start negotiations for the Nagagami and White River Forest SFLs as well.
Tensile failure stress NFLS and shear failure stress SFLS were defined as 80 MPa and 55 MPa, respectively, for both interfaces [25].
According to the firm, the HUD SFLS 2014-1 loan sale consists of two parts.