SFLSSan Francisco Law School (San Francisco, CA)
SFLSSociété Française de Lutte Contre Le Sida (French: French Society of the Fight Against AIDS)
SFLSShanghai Foreign Language School (Shanghai, China)
SFLSSuzhou Foreign Language School (Suzhou, China)
SFLSSioux Falls Lutheran School (Sioux Falls, SD)
SFLSStructure Factor Least Squares (mathematical and scientific calculation)
SFLSStress Fiber-Like Structure
SFLSSarno Functional Life Scale (rehabilitation medicine)
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In general, though, non-white conservatives possess a political refugee status on campus and the libertarian group fills a niche role in this regard: YAL and SFL are havens for conservatives still uncomfortable with their place in the broader GOP hierarchy.
Richter joins SFLS with almost 10 years of global commercial property development and brokerage experience.
People Activity Analysis (PAA) expert John Stewart and former RAF officer John Roylance have joined management consultancy SFL.
10) The new forest compliance system would apply to all forest operations on crown land under SFLS.
He's hopeful the SFL will be transfered by the end of December which will free up millions in provincially collected stumpage money.
The HUD portfolio, SFLS 2012-3, consists of loans collateralized by homes across the United States.
This is a really complex deal with five management units that could be involved and different scenarios with some of them being Crown management units and some held by SFLs (Sustainable Forest Licences).
The transaction, SFLS 2012-2, will be a whole loan competitive auction of defaulted single family residential mortgages.
In the interim, the province will maintain the status quo, honouring forest resource licences, SFLs, and established business-to-business relationships, he added.
After receiving rate reductions from our current senior lender without the restrictive accounts receivable covenants as in the SFLS facility, Management has determined that it is in the best interest of the Company not to access this facility.
It is with these overwhelming concerns in mind that over 200 forest companies, small businesses and forest sector service providers, representing well over 8,600 employees, as well as numerous chambers of commerce, northern and rural municipalities, public citizens and unions representing thousands of hard-working Ontarians, have signed an open letter urging Minister Gravelle to defer any action on these proposed tenure reforms until government fully completes its Wood Supply Competitive Process and the move to co-operative SFLs.
Then he wants the province to complete an earlier process of converting "single-entity" SFLs to cooperative units to ensure new forestry players have equal access to wood.