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SFMSustainable Forest Management
SFMSix Figure Mentors (Internet marketing; est. 2008)
SFMScience Fiction Museum (Seattle)
SFMSurface Feet per Minute
SFMSerum-Free Media (Thermo Scientific HyClone)
SFMSwitch Fabric Module (Cisco Systems)
SFMState Fire Marshall (California)
SFMServeis Ferroviaris de Mallorca (Spanish railway company; Majorca, Spain)
SFMScanning Force Microscope
SFMSociété Française de Microbiologie
SFMSociété Franco-Manitobaine (Canada)
SFMSociété Française de Musicologie (French: French Society of Musicology; est. 1917)
SFMSo Freaking Much
SFMSunflower Meal
SFMShop Floor Management
SFMSound Financial Management
SFMSix Flags Mexico (amusement park)
SFMState Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company
SFMSenior Finance Manager
SFMSum Frequency Mixing
SFMSource Film Maker (software)
SFMSwitching and Forwarding Module
SFMSensor Fuzed Munition
SFMStraightforward Method (cryptographic attack)
SFMSociété Française de Mésothérapie (French: French Society of Mesotherapy)
SFMSwedish Free Mission
SFMSociété Française des Mécaniciens (French: French Society of Mechanics)
SFMSociété Francophone de Mémétique (French: Francophone Society of Memetics)
SFMSociété Française de Myologie (French: French Society of Myology)
SFMSinai Field Mission (est. 1976)
SFMSociété Française de Morphopsychologie (French: French Society of Morphopsychology; Paris, France)
SFMSocial Footprint Method (Center for Sustainable Innovation)
SFMSupply Financial Management
SFMSociété Forestière du Maine (French: Forest Society of Maine; lumber supplier)
SFMServices for the Macintosh
SFMSoundfield Microphone
SFMSystem Fault Manager
SFMStride Filtered Markov Predictor
SFMSimplified Feed Model
SFMSpacecraft Fault Management
SFMService Facility Manipulator
SFMSociety for Foodservices Management
SFMSubstance-Field Model
SFMSociété Française de Microscopie (French: French Society of Microscopy)
SFMStock Fund Materiel
SFMStabilized Fiber Matrix (Terra Novo Inc, (erosion control management)
SFMSales Floor Manager
SFMSystem Feasibility Model
SFMSynthetic Ferro-Magnetic
SFMSales Forecasting Model
SFMStrategic Flow Management
SFMSingle Fluid Model
SFMSouthern Frat Move (est. 2011)
SFMSmall Frequent Meals (health)
SFMSlow Fading Margin
SFMStorage Foundation Manager (software)
SFMSuper Flying Model (various companies)
SFMSvenska Föreningen för Mikrobiologis (Swedish: Swedish Society for Microbiology)
SFMStewart Financial Management, Inc. (Park Ridge, NJ)
SFMSpecialist Fund Market (London Stock Exchange; UK)
SFMSydney Fish Market (Sydney, Australia)
SFMStrategic Financial Management
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The Admission will become effective and dealings in the shares on the SFM will commence at 8:00 a.
Steve Martin, CEO at SFM Consulting has been providing marketing and consulting services to public radio stations and program producers for 13 years, following a 30 year career as a broadcast professional in both commercial and public radio.
It's claimed his SFM business was allowed to "misrepresent the nature of property transactions to a mortgagee, causing him to enter into transactions which resulted in an estimated shortfall of PS29,359,457.
The document was kept under lock and key at Graham's SFM firm in Gateshead's Team Valley.
Serum alternatives such as growth factors and extracelullar matrices are often added into SFM formulation.
DNA2, which is incorporated in Guernsey, builds on the success of Doric Nimrod Air One Limited which was admitted to the SFM in 2010.
Suprema has shipped more than 1 million units of SFM Series fingerprint modules to more than 60 countries worldwide.
The additional layer of security from SSH Tectia enables SFM 2.
The initial results were disappointing as many studies have shown that there is no difference in cancer detection rate observed between SFM and FFDM [2-5].
Model SFM 275A handles flows of pellets, chips, or fibers at 180 to 2100 cu ft/hr.
The SFM Smart-1 floor model is a computer-inclusive test system incorporating advanced computer technology and user-friendly software.
Delivering longer tool life than the competition, Sumitomo's AC700G machined ductile cast iron at 600 SFM, 0.