SFMASouth Florida Manufacturers Association
SFMASouth Florida Metropolitan Area
SFMASan Francisco Media Archive (San Francisco, CA)
SFMASouthern Fishery Management Area
SFMAScientific Forest Management Area (Maine)
SFMAState Financial Management Application (Oregon DAS)
SFMASan Francisco Mining Association
SFMASouth Florida Musicians Association (Hollywood, FL)
SFMASecurity Forces Manning Assistance (15ABWI10-203)
SFMASeed & Feed Marching Abominable (Atlanta, GA marching band)
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The world is changing at a rapid pace, including that of its financial markets, particularly with regard to investors and financial regulations, and since the financial crisis in 2008 which changed the regulatory environments in an unprecedented way," he said emphasizing that in the light of these changes, which affected the supervision on the credit agencies globally, the SFMA is now working to set up a regulatory framework for the exercise of activities practiced by rating and credit rating agencies.
The SFMA is the clinician's tool for diagnostic determination.
2] contents, the order of the die pressures was as follows: LFMA composites > SFMA composites > SF composites and LF composites.
Based on the observed results, SFMA elected to expand the program to encompass another 500 wyes in the same vicinity, and was successful in receiving a 55 percent demonstration grant from the 3 Rivers Wet Weather Demonstration Program.
Yet given the rise of public concern over the future of the nation's forests, particularly in the Northeast, the SFMA could become a valuable model.
SFMA advocates regulatory and legislative changes to advance the industry's ability to meet the needs of California's school districts and schools seeking a range of alternatives to meet today's ever-increasing demands for additional educational space, including child-care facilities.
All deployments in the SFMA are expected to be complete in about four years.
SFMA), the parent company, and, therefore, are accorded the same ratings on SFMA.
With the exception of SF Lloyds, which is rated one notch below the other companies, all rated operating units are considered to have a core relationship with SFMA, the parent company, and, therefore, are accorded the ratings on SFMA.
9 billion aggregate excess-of-loss reinsurance contract from SFMA ($2.
It is a 50/50 joint venture of SFMA and Renaissance Reinsurance Ltd.
The companies are considered core to SFMA because of common ownership, common distribution, common marketing (they are one part of the familiar Auto/Fire/Life triad on State Farm's logo), and Standard & Poor's view that they are highly unlikely to be severed from the group.