SFMESociété Française de Médecine Esthétique (French: French Society of Aesthetic Medicine; est. 1973)
SFMESerum-Free Mouse Embryo (biology)
SFMESimplified Fast Motion Estimation (algorithm)
SFMESorry for My English
SFMEService Factory: Modeling Edition
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(Beldini et al., 2010) The forest systems (SFES, SFME, SFAE) have denser (ranging from partially closed to closed) and larger vegetation (herb-shrub, shrub-tree) (Menezes, 2008), when compared to agricultural areas, thus, they have higher deposition of litterfall, and as a consequence, a larger increase of C to the soil, which promotes better aggregation indexes.
In relation to the classes average, greater increases in this fraction were observed in the areas in later successional stages (SFAE and SFME), as well as in the classes C1 and C3.
SFME has been performed using the "DryDist" microwave oven illustrated in figure 2 [6].
Solvent free microwave extraction (SFME), as well as hydro-distillation (HD) and cold pressing (CP) as methods for the extraction of essential oil from orange peels, are compared in term of extraction time, quality of the oil, efficiency and costs.
The SFME is clearly quicker than its conventional counterparts.
Then the test is conducted with 20% SFME and 40% SFME on coated engine with normal injection pressure and normal injection timing.
At maximum loading the coated piston with 20% SFME shows 8% reduction in SFC at retardation compared to standard engine at normal injection.
At low load conditions coated engine 20% SFME with normal injection releasing more unburned hydrocarbons and at peak load conditions the same blend released relatively low HC due to attaining of complete combustion with high temperature availability in the ceramic coated piston.
SFME cells ([10.sup.5] cells/well) were seeded in 24-well plates and incubated in the presence of FBS/HS/DMEM medium for 1 day.
We first examined whether [H.sub.2][O.sub.2]-induced oxidative stress was suppressed by ERW in two other neuronal cell lines, PC-12 and SFME. Because PC12 and SFME cells showed different sensitivity to [H.sub.2][O.sub.2] in terms of cell viability, different [H.sub.2][O.sub.2] concentrations were tested in the present studies (data not shown).