SFMOState Fire Marshal's Office (Austin, Texas)
SFMOStichting Fondsenwerving Militaire Oorlogs en Dienstslachtoffers (Dutch: Military Service and War Victims Fundraising Foundation)
SFMOSingle Firm Multi-Office
SFMOSan Francisco Missions Outpost (Church of God; San Francisco, CA)
SFMOSelf-Fitting Modular Orthosis
SFMOSvenska Frimurarorden (Swedish Order of Freemasons)
SFMOSenior Fisheries Management Officer (Hong Kong)
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Further evaluation with a patient who suffered an incomplete cervical (C) 5/6 lesion with no voluntary control of the lower limbs compared walking performance with three systems: SFMO only, FES only, and HAS.
Abbreviations: 6MWT = 6-minute walking test, 10MWT = 10 m walking test, AFO = ankle-foot orthosis, ASIA = American Spinal Injury Association, C = cervical, CBO = controlled-brake orthosis, DC = direct current (motor), ESO = energy-storing orthosis, FES = functional electrical stimulation, HAS = hybrid assistive system, HKAFO = hip-knee-ankle-foot orthosis, HyPo = hybrid powered orthosis, KAFO = knee-ankle-foot orthosis, PID = proportional-integral-derivative, RGO = reciprocating gait orthosis, SCI = spinal cord injury, SFMO = self-fitting modular orthosis, T = thoracic, WISCI II = Walking Index for Spinal Cord Injury Version 2.
The SFMO partnered with NIC for the planning, design and development of the new online service.