SFMOState Fire Marshal's Office (Austin, Texas)
SFMOStichting Fondsenwerving Militaire Oorlogs en Dienstslachtoffers (Dutch: Military Service and War Victims Fundraising Foundation)
SFMOSingle Firm Multi-Office
SFMOSan Francisco Missions Outpost (Church of God; San Francisco, CA)
SFMOSelf-Fitting Modular Orthosis
SFMOSvenska Frimurarorden (Swedish Order of Freemasons)
SFMOSenior Fisheries Management Officer (Hong Kong)
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Further evaluation with a patient who suffered an incomplete cervical (C) 5/6 lesion with no voluntary control of the lower limbs compared walking performance with three systems: SFMO only, FES only, and HAS.
The SFMO partnered with NIC for the planning, design and development of the new online service.
To reduce fire deaths, the SFMO coordinates a monthly fire fatality team meeting to review fatal fire incidents, identify trends, and discuss ways to prevent the incidents from reoccurring.
According to SFMO data, from 2012-2016, Tennessee fire departments responded to 2,938 home structure fires that involved heating equipment.
SFMO data shows that two students have been killed in campus-related fires in Tennessee since 2000.
For more information about this outreach event, contact SFMO Community Risk Reduction Coordinator Alex Daugherty at 615-574-0240.
In addition to distributing the PSAs via TV, radio, and social media, the SFMO will provide safety posters to various Christmas tree retail lots across the state.
Since the Get Alarmed programs inception in 2012, the SFMO has distributed over 133,000 smoke alarms statewide to 479 partnering organizations.
The SFMO shares the following safety tips on residential smoke alarms: Install at least one smoke alarm on every level of the home, including the basement.
Get Alarmed canvassing efforts this past Saturday, October 22, by the SFMO, Red Cross of East Tennessee, and Harriman Fire Department resulted in the installation of 105 smoke alarms throughout homes in the north Harriman area in only a matter of hours.
The SFMO offers the following guidelines to help the public avoid Halloween fire hazards: