SFMOMASan Francisco Museum of Modern Art
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Meanwhile, the SFMOMA On the Go project sent parts of the collection on tour around the Bay Area museums.
At first glance, the new SFMOMA tower seems to be entirely distinct, its faceted white surface--a skin of lightweight panels--contrasting with Botta's monumental marble forms.
The new SFMOMA building is designed by the architecture firm SnE[sup.
Curator Rudolf Frieling, media arts curator at SFMOMA since 2006, has selected significant works by Bill Viola, Jeremy Blake, Steina, Bill Fontana and Hall to represent a retrospective of media arts from 1977 through 2012.
government indemnity, SFMOMA still needed millions more in insurance limits.
The decision was based on the firm's design philosophy and inspired response to the needs and goals of SFMOMA and the Bay Area community.
Dance Works by Edgar Degas, including Blue Dancers, 1890, enlivened the SFMOMA exhibit "Degas to Picasso: Painters, Sculptors, and the Camera," which examines the role of photography in painting.
Highlights include new counseling and psychology program and courses with ties to Yerba Buena Center for the Arts and SFMOMA
This partnership with SFMOMA, in support of this innovative exhibit, is an important contribution to this mission.
We have once again sifted through the bulky steel filing cabinets in the SFMOMA offices to bring you another unpublished artist talk from our vast archive of cassette tapes, recordings of public programs spanning more than 30 years.
Until Aug 15, 2015 The Provoke Era: Japanese Photography from the Collection of SFMOMA (Crocker Art Museum)
Jones was committed on a deep level to the betterment of society," says guest curator Jennifer Dunlop FJetcher of SFMOMA.