SFMSSound Font Management System
SFMSStorage Foundation Management Server
SFMSSan Francisco Medical Society (San Francisco, CA)
SFMSSt. Francis Middle School (Minnesota)
SFMSSociety for Mass Spectrometry
SFMSStructured Financial Messaging System
SFMSSwiss Financial Market Services
SFMSSparrow Family Medical Services (Okemos, MI)
SFMSStorage Foundation Management Server (Symantec)
SFMSSpring Forest Middle School (Houston, TX)
SFMSStatewide Financial Management System (State of Oregon's accounting system)
SFMSSpecial Forces Medical Sergeant
SFMSSchilling Farms Middle School (Collierville, TN)
SFMSSales Force Management Software
SFMSSupercomputer Facilities Management Services
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Concentrates were formulated to contain 160, 200, 240, and 280 g CP/kg and were based on either fish meal (FM) or sunflower meal (SFM).
This result, in turn, leads us to conclude that the method of SFMs, if applied to the single event, may be useful for selecting the preliminary events where strong dynamical fluctuations might be present and thereafter more advanced triggering might occur; for example, particle ratios and enhanced particle multiplicities in certain kinematical regions may be applied.
Classification algorithms Accuracy (%) SVM linear [14] 86.62 SFM [24] 83.31 OCSFM [24] 86.73 Naive Bayes [13] 78.93 WAC [13] 84.00 ANN [14] 86.04 PSO-SVM-SMO-RBF [14] 88.24 Naive Bayes [25] 82.31 Decision tree [25] 84.35 LVQNN [17] 74.12 BPNN [18] 85.00 Improved DBN 91.26 Figure 6: Reconstruction error of RBM1 with different number of hidden units.
The highest POC values were observed in the SFMS and pasture areas, followed by SFAS and SFES areas, whereas the lowest POC values were found in the agricultural areas (Table 2).
From January--August 2016, SFMS submitted 65 case referrals totaling UAH 115.24 million (approximately $4.5 million).
(1999) showed consumers who preferred individual (versus team) sport were motivated more by aesthetics than by any other motive in the SFMS. Consumers who preferred team sport were motivated by eustress and self-esteem more than any other motives in the SFMS.
Our review of the previous empirical studies revealed that applications of SFMs to sports data have not fully taken advantage of the variety of SFMs and have not fully taken into account the peculiar characteristic of the joint product (Neale, 1964) in model selection.
Following acceptance of the SFM, further advances improved mammographies.
Elaboration of instruments like (SFMS) high resolving sector-field mass spectrometers or quadruple based on collision cell technology has been proposed for interference free arsenic species [32, 33, 34].
Montrose Community Council are supporting a bid to have a SFMS collecting mine removed from the town's High Street.