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In the current study, we aimed to evaluate and compare SFMSCs as a new cell source, in relationship to BMMSCs, which is considered a standard cell source for articular cartilage regeneration.
Published reports including one from our laboratory showed that SFMSCs are proliferative and possess chondrogenic potential, and hence, enough cell numbers can be obtained to treat an articular cartilage injury [16, 30, 31].
In this study, we confirmed that as observed earlier, there was a significant increase in COMP expression of SFMSCs than BMMSCs, indicating more matrix formation and hence a higher chondrogenic potential [9, 33].
As hypothesized, SFMSCs led to enhanced cartilage repair in vivo, and the regenerated area in the MSC-treated knees was significantly higher than that in the control knees after 12 weeks.
In this study, we demonstrate that implantation of SFMSCs was successful in terms of in vivo evaluation and Col II expression.
Abbreviations BMMSCs: Bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells Col II: Collagen type II COMP: Anticartilage oligomeric matrix protein GAG: Glycosaminoglycan IF: Immunofluorescence MSCs: Mesenchymal stem cells OA: Osteoarthritis SFMSCs: Synovial fluid mesenchymal stem cells.
(e) The BMMSCs or SFMSCs (3.0 x [10.sup.6] cells) and agarose scaffolds were implanted into the defects in the experimental (left, treated) knee.
(a) Western blot analysis showed expression of COMP in in vitro differentiated BMMSCs and SFMSCs. (b) COMP expression was significantly higher in differentiated SFMSCs suggesting a relatively higher chondrogenic potential.