SFMTSan Francisco Mime Troupe (San Francisco, CA)
SFMTSt. Francis Medical Technologies (various locations)
SFMTSan Francisco/Moscow Teleport (now Golden Telecom, Inc.)
SFMTSIMD-oriented Fast Mersenne Twister
SFMTSpiritual Formation Ministry Team
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aureus is a prominent pathogen constituting 34.2% of SFMT positive milk samples; our results are slightly higher than the findings of Zeryhum et al.
Afterwards DNA tests of these short listed suspects may be carried out,' says Dr Niaz Ahmed Baloch, a member of the SFMT, from Multan, in a press release.
Professor Inayatur Rehman, another SFMT member from Peshawar, said the government had no DNA databank and such DNA testing would lead nowhere.
Out of 270 dairy animals tested using SFMT, CMT and microbiological examination, all four quarters of 90 animals (30 each from Nili-Ravi buffaloes, Sahiwal and cross-bred cows) were found to be negative in these tests and included in the study.
The three simple and rapid chemical tests, namely, SFMT, SLST and WST, were used for the diagnosis of bovine mastitis in cows.
The highest prevalence of SCM in cows was recorded in SFMT followed by SLST and the least was recorded in WST.
Subclinical mastitis was determined by surf field mastitis test (SFMT) as reported earlier (Schalm et al., 1971).
The samples were subjected to Surf Field Mastitis Test (SFMT).
So the present study was conducted to determine the quarter-wise and animal-wise prevalence of sub-clinical mastitis in crossbred cows in four tehsils i.e., (Muzaffar garh, Kot Addu, Alipur and Jatoi) of Muzaffar garh district of Punjab, Pakistan, using an easy animal- side test viz., Surf Field Mastitis Test (SFMT).
(2007), while subclinical screening of mastitis was done using Surf Field Mastitis Test (SFMT), proposed by Muhammad et al.
Out of 120 animals screened by SFMT and confirmed with biochemical tests 52.5% (63/120) camels were found to be suffering from mastitis (Table I).
Surf field mastitis test (SFMT) was used in the present study and severity of sub-clinical mastitis was determined on the basis of gel formation after (Muhammad et al., 1995;Bachaya et al., 2011).