SFNSSchool Foodservice and Nutrition Specialist (academic degree)
SFNSSuperficial Fibular Nerve Stimulation (physiology)
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It can also be used to evaluate reception probability for a variety of receive conditions, including fixed, mobile and indoor situations, from a conventional single stick broadcast facility or a Single Frequency Network (SFN).
State broadcaster, Egyptian Radio and Television Union (ERTU), has chosen GatesAir's FM radio transmission technology, including its Flexiva transmitter, its Intraplex intelligent IP networking, and Single Frequency Network (SFN) solutions to expand its multi-channel FM radio services across Egypt.
Although SFNs are usually described as static entities, they are characterized by their various stages of initiation and development (Ceglie & Dini, 1999; Child, 2001; Oelsnitz & Tiberius, 2007; Tiberius, 2008), as structures of dynamic nature which undergo modifications over time.
In conclusion, theoretically, waveform spikes obtained using CN electrodes with the SFEMG program have different anatomical substrates and physiological meaning as those obtained using SFNs; in practice, the parameters recorded with CN and SFN electrodes are highly comparable in ALS patients.
The numbers and percentages of FPs and sFNs obtained by using these 3 definitions are shown by EIP site in Table 4.
However, in 2012, the program adopted a hybrid model, offering a class dedicated to SFNS, although it has also continued to welcome participation from students who do not enroll in the class.
The corporation initially started as a joint venture with SFNS owned Newco and the Munsee-Delaware Nation is more focused in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, green energy and economic growth of the community.
(OTC: SFNS) has reported financial results for the three-month period ended March 31, 2014.
The challenge for SFNs is that each transmitter must carry an identical signal and be precisely synchronised.
19 November 2013 -- New York-based investment firm RCS Capital Corp (NYSE: RCAP) said that it and a newly formed wholly-owned subsidiary of RCAP entered into an agreement and plan of merger with Summit Financial Services Group Inc (OTCBB: SFNS) by which RCAP will acquire Summit for USD 49.0m or approximately USD 1.43 per share.
Ensemble said the new switch is especially useful for SFNs (single frequency networks.)
"With the transition from ATSC 1.0 to ATSC 3.0, we're going to see greater focus on power density, higher vertical polarization ratios and polarization diversity, as well as the use of single frequency networks (SFNs), all of which boost reception across the coverage area."