SFOPStrumento Finanziario di Orientamento della Pesca
SFOPSan Francisco Organizing Project (California)
SFOPSvensk Förening För Oral Protetik (Swedish Society for Prosthodontics)
SFOPSamarytanska Federacja Organizacji Pozarzadowych (Polish non-governmental organization federation)
SFOPServices for Older Persons (various locations)
SFOPSpecial Forces of Poland (online military game clan)
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The taxpayer must write "Streamlined Foreign Offshore" in red on the first page of each return filed under the SFOP and also attach to each return a copy of the signed certification.
Streamlined Domestic Offshore Procedures--The required documentation for the SDOP is the same as for the SFOP, except that taxpayers submitting under this procedure must also remit an offshore penalty, along with the full amount of the tax and interest due in connection with these filings when submitting the amended tax returns.
The filing procedure is identical to that of the SFOP, except that the term "Streamlined Domestic Offshore" is inserted in lieu of "Streamlined Foreign Offshore" and the certification under the SDOP requires that the taxpayer also certify that the offshore penalty amount is accurate.
Clarification on Penalty Calculation --FAQs 31 through 41, pertaining to the asset base to which the offshore penalty applies, have been modified primarily to reference the SFOP and SDOP.
Estas estructuras corresponden a un proceso penetrativo de bloques en direccion NEE sobrepuesto estructuralmente al sistema deformativo del SFOP, el cual esta relacionado a la FI y a sistemas sinteticos a su traza principal, tales como, las fallas Llanitos, La Honda, El Silencio y El Filtro, con orientaciones promedio N60- 70E.
George Wesolek, director of CCHD operations for the San Francisco archdiocese, insists SFOP in no way endorsed abortion or birth control.
Even though funding for SFOP was ultimately upheld by Campaign officials and "strongly" endorsed by the archdiocese, ALL concluded in its analysis online that SFOP was "in direct violation of Catholic Church teaching and CCHD guidelines.
After a period of one-to-one relationship building, reflection on their faith and values, and intensive community research, the church's SFOP committee pinpointed crime and drugs as major neighborhood problems.
introduced and passed an FY2015 SFOPS appropriation, H.
FY2015 budget request) would increase overall SFOPS funding by 1.
The SFOPS 10-year funding trend indicates that total foreign
The FY2015 foreign affairs request (about 1% of the total FY2015 budget request) would reduce overall SFOPS funding by 1.