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SFORStabilization Force
SFORSecurity Force
SFORSyracuse Festival of Races (Syracuse, NY)
SFORSustainment Forces (US military)
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Caption: Corporal Rick Kurelo with two children in a village near Kupres, 3rd Battalion, Royal Canadian Regiment Parachute Company, SFOR, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2001.
The EM-BiH mission was adequately funded in FY 2005 with one-quarter of the funding for the former SFOR mission.
Specifically, he [withdrew] the allegations that his arrest was unlawful and that SFOR or NATO was involved in any unlawful activity in relation to his arrest.
IR 2: What foreign service intelligence agencies are attempting to gather information on SFOR in MNB-N?
Withing half an hour of my arrival, almost on cue, an SFOR vehicle entered the village and parked by the tiny church.
SFOR in Bosnia and KFOR in Kosovo have destroyed thousands of weapons.
The Nato led peacekeeping force SFOR has set up checkpoints to find out more about the support network Karadzic uses to hide.
Dozens of armoured vehicles from the SFOR peacekeeping force were seen driving remote mountain paths close to the border with Montenegro and Serbia.
The prospect of an open-ended SFOR deployment made many feel that the US in particular would not be there for the long haul, and that their European colleagues would soon fall out once the Americans had departed.
And in fact, the successes of the tribunals for the former Yugoslavia are, I believe, attributable to a very large extent to the willingness of SFOR [the Stabilization Force] or NATO to play their role in international criminal law enforcement.