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SFPSmall Form-factor Pluggable (optical transceiver module)
SFPSecretaría de La Función Pública (Spanish: Secretariat for Civil Service; México)
SFPSociété Française de Physique (French Physics Society; Paris)
SFPSociété Française de Pédiatrie (French: French Society of Pediatrics)
SFPSociété Française de Psychologie (French: French Society of Psychology)
SFPSingle Farm Payment (UK)
SFPSociété Française de Photographie
SfpSvenska Folkpartiet (Finnish: Swedish People's Party)
SFPSystem File Protection
SFPSmall Farm Program
SFPService for Peace
SFPSupplementary Financing Program (US Treasury Department)
SFPSpent Fuel Pool
SFPStrange Fruit Project (band)
SFPSelf-Fulfilling Prophecy
SFPSupplementary Feeding Programme (WHO)
SFPSerious Foul Play (FIFA laws, soccer)
SFPShort Field Performance
SFPSociété Française de Pharmacologie (French Society of Pharmacology)
SFPSaint Lucia Freedom Party
SFPSociété Française de Pathologie (French: French Society of Pathology)
SFPSecurity Function Policy
SFPSociété Française de Phytopathologie (French: French Society of Phytopathology)
SFPspecific pathogen free
SFPSubsecretario de la Función Pública (Spanish: Assistant Secretary for Civil Service; Mexico)
SFPStrategic Facilities Planning
SFPSpace Flight Participant
SFPSociété Française de Phlébologie (French: French Society of Phlebology; Paris, France)
SFPSingle Failure Point
SFPScope Fusion Platform (professional audio recording/mixing/mastering system)
SFPStrategic Financial Plan
SFPSociété Française des Parfumeurs (French: French Society of Perfumers)
SFPStochastic Fictitious Play (game theory)
SFPSaint Francis Preparatory (high school)
SFPSingle Fiber Pigtail
SFPSociété Française de Parodontologie
SFPSummary Flight Plan
SFPSecure Flow Processor (Hifn)
SFPSorry for Partying
SFPSafety Fire Protection (survey)
SFPStudents for Ron Paul
SFPSociété Française de Physiothérapie (French: French Society of Physiotherapy)
SFPStarving for Perfection (pro-anorexic clique)
SFPSucker for Punishment
SFPShort-Fault Protection
SFPSimultaneous Foveal Perception
SFPSuccess Factor Profiling
SFPSales Force Planning
SFPSwitch Function and Parametric Data Interface
SFPSensor Fusion Processor
SFPSimulated Flight Path
SFPSingle Fixed Pulley
SFPStandby Fire Pump
SFPSelf-Forging Penetrator (military targeting)
SFPSubmerged Fermentation Plant
SFPSpecial Fabrication Program
SFPSpecial Facilitation Program
SFPSappi Fine Paper, Inc.
SFPStandard Factory Pack (number of units per carton of a product)
SFPSoftware Feature Package
SFPSupplementary Fire Party (ARP civil defence, UK)
SFPSt. Francis Preparatory High School (Flushing, NY)
SFPSustainable Funding Project (National Council for Voluntary Organizations)
SFPShort Film Project (various organizations)
SFPState Fair Park (various locations)
SFPStrong Families Program
SFPSecurity Force Personnel (nuclear safety)
SFPScience Fair Project
SFPSoftware for Professionals
SFPSan Francisco Performances (San Francisco, CA)
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For the cross country competition we must give credit to SFP secretary general Shahid for getting the two skiers the best possible training in Czech Republic and in Turkey,' they said.
For more details about Antaira Technologies' unmanaged Ethernet switches with 10G SFP slots series, please feel free to contact Antaira via mail at sales@antaira.
an SFP unit which can be plugged into any existing or future Home Gateways with an SFP cage), and
The Plura SFP-3G Series, which includes the SFP-217-3G 17-inch, SFP-221-3G 21-inch, SFP-224-3G 24-inch and SFP-232-3G 32-inch models, is a line of high-precision, 3Gb/s 1920 x 1080 LCD HD monitors designed for use with the SFP modules.
CARACTERISTICAS: Densidad de puertos 24/4810/100 con dos puertos SFP, y dos puertos RJ4510/100/1000 uplink/stocking.
While many farmers are encouraged to enter EU-approved environmental schemes paying out for each managed hectare, others are being told to get rid of small strands of non-agricultural vegetation because they confuse the SFP claims.
As a result, in 28 states, including NY, NJ, and CT, the insured is entitled to at least as much protection as the SFP would have provided.
Yes,but it will be necessary to continue farming an equivalent area of land to remain eligible for SFP.
Since the audio-visual sector was opened up to competition in 1986, SFP has been through a series of crises, and the public authorities have intervened more than once to help it restructure and redeem its debts.
The Stephen Petronio Dance Company is currently in the third year of a four-year artist's residency in San Francisco, sponsored by SFP.
The trend toward SFP-outfitted PC-based controls was much in evidence at IMTS '94 where leading builders were displaying their PC-based control capability using Gibbs SFP (Shop Floor Programming) software.