SFPBSt. Finbarrs Pipe Band (bagpipes; Cork, Ireland)
SFPBShore Facility Planning Board
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Bagheri and Farajian [19] investigated the impact of PGA level and special characteristics of near-fault impulses on the earthquake performance of liquid storage tanks isolated by SFPBs. A mechanical model that accurately estimated the seismic response of the liquid storage tank was adopted.
In the majority of the aforementioned studies, the seismic response and/or vulnerability assessment of liquid storage tanks base-isolated by SFPBs or TFPBs was investigated.
More specifically, the study is focused on the response of single-surface isolators SFPBs, and the corresponding multiple-surface isolators: TFPBs and QFPBs.
In the current study, fragility curves related to SFPBs, TFPBs, and QFPBs displacements are calculated for different performance levels, namely, 50% probability of exceedance in 50 years (i.e., SLE), 10% probability of exceedance in 50 years (i.e., DBE), and 2% probability of exceedance in 50 years (i.e., MCE).
As previously mentioned, each Joystick tank model, which is supported either on SFPBs, TFPBs, or QFPBs, is simulated utilizing the finite element software SAP2000 [29].
Accordingly, the probability of collapse considering the isolators' displacements for TFPBs and QFPBs different sliding mechanisms (depending on the hazard level) and SFPBs, is displayed in the fragility curves presented in Figure 8.
It is also evident that these devices provide much better protection to the superstructure under severe seismic excitations compared to simple SFPBs.
The superstructure isolated with SFPBs presents lower values, but as shown in the fragility analysis (Figure 8), these isolators exhibit higher collapse probabilities.
It is reminded that three bearing types were examined, the single-stage SFPBs and the multistage TFPBs and QFPBs.
2In this paper, the seismic vulnerability of liquid storage tanks isolated with three types of sliding bearings, namely, SFPBs and the multistage TFPBs and QFPBs were investigated.
(a) Friction isolation bearings with multistage and adaptive behavior (TFPBs and mostly QFPBs) present superior seismic performance compared to single bearings (SFPBs).
(d) The slenderness ratio of the cylindrical base-isolated storage tanks via SFPBs, TFPBs, and QFPBs do not significantly affect the fragility estimations when maximum isolator displacements are considered.