SFPCState Family Planning Commission (China)
SFPCSpecial Forces Preparation and Conditioning
SFPCSociété Française de Pharmacie Clinique
SFPCShelby Farms Park Conservancy (Memphis, TN)
SFPCStandard Fire Prevention Code
SFPCStructural Firefighters Protective Clothing
SFPCSustainable Forest Products Certification
SFPCSouthern Florida Presidents Council of Motorcycle Clubs and Organizations
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10] have obtained the following upper bounds for SFPC.
But for other state-linked entities as well as the sovereign itself, it is up to the SFPC and its advisory team to work with DCM bankers, go on deal roadshows and answer investors' questions -- in other words, to manage the issue.
Government-related entities tapping the credit markets, says Al Shaibi, must also demonstrate to the SFPC that they will be able to service the debt they are raising.
New PMI series commencing in 1948 and ending in 2004 were constructed using the proposed FPC and SFPC weighting schemes, as well as using the weights developed by Pelaez (2003a, b), namely, NES and CWI.
In comparison with the quarterly percent growth in real GDP/GNP, as shown in Table IV, our FPC and SFPC series (i.
In announcing the elevation of three linkages to the level of a nationwide policy in 1995, Peng Peiyun, then director of the SFPC, made very clear the connections between the new policy and overall national strength (zonghe guoli).
Was to be considered at the postponed SFPC hearing originally scheduled for Sept.
Each SFPC will have 500 farmers as members in a sub-division or district.
Nirmala Sitharaman will inaugurate the orientation programme for establishment of SFPCs and buyer seller meet on 26th April 2017 at Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh, a Government of Indias initiative to benefit the small and marginal spice farmers in the North Eastern States.
Jayathilak, Chairman, Spices Board informed that the Board has been trying to aggregate the small and marginal farmers at village in Arunachal Pradesh and other north-eastern States and is encouraging farmers to adopt spice cultivation and processing as an agribusiness activity by initiating the formation of entities like SFPCs and establishing links with the buyers and exporters.
The SFPCs would aim at aggregation of the farmers in the identified spices growing districts to establish direct market linkages with exporters, processors and institutional buyers through buyer-seller meets, while aiding the farming community in better price realization consorted and scientific post-harvest management, primary processing, value addition, packaging and direct marketing.