SFPDSecure Flight Passenger Data (US DHS)
SFPDStaunton Fire Protection District (Staunton, IL)
SFPDSioux Falls Police Department (Sioux Falls, SD)
SFPDSan Francisco Police Department
SFPDSupplemental Food Programs Division (USDA)
SFPDSchool Facilities Planning Division (California)
SFPDSan Fierro Police Department (fictional, gaming GTA: San Andreas)
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Cordes told Marlowe that, if she refused to engage in this action, SFPD would cease its investigation of her rape.
Justice Department Urges Changes in SFPD After Fatal Shootings, S.
We can still go as private individuals but we cannot represent SFPD anymore,' Quema clarified.
Discriminatory hiring practices and widespread patterns of brutality, harassment, and neglect bred further resentment and hostility against the SFPD.
But the SFPD resisted all attempts to limit or even regulate officers' prerogative to use physical force against black San Franciscans.
following 9/11, the SFPD entered into an agreement with the FBI to aid
PT, a 32-year-old man entered the part of the SFPD Mission Station parking lot, said Spokesman Albie Esparza, USA Today reported.
Blackmail, My Love, by Katie Gilmartin, chronicles Josephine O'Conner's investigation into the disappearance of her older brother, Jimmy, a former member of the SFPD who later became a private investigator specializing in blackmail cases.
He is called in as a consultant by the SFPD to assist in the investigation, and is staggered by the enormity of the crime.
However, the study of urban plans of certain German and United States' cities highlighted the extensive use of standards that derive from various sources (see: Ernicke & Partner 2002, Otisheim and VVM 2006, SPFS 2009, City of Sacramento 1988, 2005, 2008a, 2008b and SFPD 1990, 1997a, 1997b, 1997c, 2004, 2007).
Spicker, TransGuardian's investigators filed a formal theft report with the SFPD.
I think they are listening, first because they respect me for doing this, and second because SFPD lost three officers to suicide in 2010.