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Originally published in 2000, the second edition reflects updated codes and the SFPE code official's guide to performance based design review.
As part of the National Engineering Week that takes place from February 19 to February 25, SFPE is publishing on its website (www.
Heat Release Rates," in SFPE Handbook of Fire Protection Engineering, Fourth Edition.
Several references such as Klote & Milke (2002), SFPE Handbook (2002), ASHRAE Handbook (2009), Narayanan (1993), and Ball (1999) describe smoke management options for large open spaces like atria.
Chapter 2-6, Assessment of Hazards to Occupants from Smoke, Toxic Gases and Heat, SFPE Handbook of Fire Protection Engineering, Society of Fire Protection Engineers, Bethesda, MD.
An updated international survey of computer models for fire and smoke, SFPE Journal of Fire Protection Engineering 13(2): 87-110.
In January 2003 he became the Director Logistics for SFPE.
8 (Rasbash, Drysdale 1982) and according to the latest version of the SFPE handbook of Fire Protection Engineering (Mulholland 2002), C = 3 for light-reflecting signs and C = 8 for light-emitting signs.
It is, however, discussed in the open literature, in such references as: Klote & Milke (2002), Milke (2000), SFPE Handbook (1995), and NFPA 130 (2007).