SFPMSociété Française de Physique Médicale (French: French Society of Medical Physics; France)
SFPMStandard feet per minute
SFPMSuspended Fine Particulate Matter (biomedicine)
SFPMSupport for Prison Ministries
SFPMSingle Flashes Per Minute (LED indicators)
SFPMStakeholder Focused Performance Management (performance management system)
SFPMSurface Feet Per Minute
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The SFPM and drill size are defined as variables (#542 and #540 in the example above) and the control automatically calculates the rpm.
Resinoid wheels are used for grinding speeds up to 16,500 SFPM.
G&P provided two of the swing-frame grinders, each of which are powered by a 15 hp motor and operate at a belt speed of 8,000 SFPM.
A bandsaw blade with dull teeth traveling at very high speed, 6000 to 15000 SFPM (surface feet per minute), is used to cut both hard and soft ferrous metals.
In aluminum, speeds may be 600 surface feet per minute (SFPM), in steels from 400 SFPM to 450 SFPM.
Indexable drills have the problem of zero cutting speed at the center even though speeds can exceed 1,000 SFPM at the outermost inserts.
The SFPM range recommendations for tool and work materials are given in many reference publications.