SFPPState Food Purchase Program (Pennsylvania and New Jersey)
SFPPSan Francisco Party Party (San Francisco, CA)
SFPPState Farm Payment Plan (insurance)
SFPPSanta Fe Pacific Pipelines Partners, L.P.
SFPPSpruce Fall Power and Paper Company
SFPPState Farm Project Planning
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In addition, using RelayHealth, SFPP patients can keep their personal health information in one secure area, which they can share with any doctor utilizing RelayHealth.
Zimmet is now working on a follow-up recommendation on exactly what rates SFPP should be charging, and how much of a rebate it owes its shippers for past, inflated rates.
Companies such as Texaco, ExxonMobil, Equilon (now Shell) and Valero have brought a number of cases to FERC since 1992 contesting the grandfathered rates of SFPP and other pipelines.
SFPP can therefore maintain the highest quality control standards, many of which are modeled after the rigorous standards of their human food consumption facilities.
With dedicated supply, state of the art manufacturing and distinctive packaging, SFPP products appeal to pet owners who demand treats and chews made from pure, natural ingredients from a source they can trust.
Kinder Morgan is currently reviewing the order to quantify the financial impact on SFPP and the rates it charges shippers.
Kinder Morgan Energy Partners (NYSE:KMP) has been in a solid uptrend lately, despite today's slight drop thanks to an announced $5-million settlement between SFPP (a subsidiary of KMP) and the Attorney General of the State of California.
In addition, KMP has been part of ongoing proceedings relating to rates charged on its FERC-regulated SFPP refined petroleum products pipelines.
SFPP also retained the second spot, reporting 389,478,000, while Magellan Pipeline moved from the fourth position last year to third place with 378,755,000.
The top three companies in terms of barrels of product deliveries by liquids companies remained basically unchanged over the past year, with Colonial Pipeline, SFPP and Magellan Pipeline claiming the top three spots.