SFPRStudents for Palestinian Rights (student organization; University of Waterloo; Waterloo, Ontario, Canada)
SFPRSally Fischer Public Relations (est. 1990; New York)
SFPRSan Fernando Pastoral Region (Archdiocese of Los Angeles, California)
SFPRSecondary Failure of Platelet Recovery (hematology)
SFPRSelective Functional Posterior Rhizotomy (surgical procedure)
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He said that SFPR took up the issue of public importance for comprehensive discussion, understanding and formulation of required policy input.
Former Senator Razina Alam Khan presented a SFPR performance report 2015-18: suggestions for future course of action.
She in her report that SFPR has been discharging its assigned responsibilities sincerely and diligently of this forum has contributed in facilitating the work of Senate and its various committees.
Razina Alam Khan recommended that SFPR and Chairman Senate may consider to further strengthen the role of this useful forum.
In Munich, the expert reports were regularly employed as a legitimizing tool by SFPR proponents to justify long-term benefits.
Lower electoral risks and high reputational gains for executive decision-makers increased short-term incentives to support SFPR adoption.
SFPR M1 (20/07/2006): increase certified organic and regional food products in schools and kindergartens; certify Munich as an organic city; increase the percentage of certified organic food in city's public canteens (percentage not specified); spread information on organic products in private restaurants (Vorlagen-Nr.
The SFPR is a 40-kilometre, four-lane highway along the south side of the Fraser River.
The SFPR supports Canada Starts Here The BC Jobs Plan.
The Special Committee also recommended that SFPR should pursue research on priority areas like national Security, climate change and environment, energy shortage and possible solutions, broadening tax base to strengthen the economy, and Pakistan's foreign policy in the context of regional economic cooperation, economic corridors and connectivity.
Presiding over the brainstorming session of the SFPR, Chairman Senate underscored the need to make the SFPR more vibrant to fill the missing link between the Parliament and general public.
Members of the SFPR unanimously eulogized the services and contribution of Chairman Senate for conceiving the idea of a body comprising of sitting and former senators to function as a think tank and provide research based data to the members of the Senate for efficient working.