SFPUCSan Francisco Public Utilities Commission (California)
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Based on the UCCE plan, in 1999 the SFPUC adopted best management practices (BMPs) for grazing watersheds.
The SFPUC staff plan was a significant shift from the Agency's earlier focus on grid power procurement from the existing market, a strategy that allowed the City more control over the green house gas content of the electricity at a premium price, but would have been too expensive to afford investment in local resources that are needed to make the transition from distant supply-based generation to local renewable sources and efficiency in the City, a core business plan change that is crucial to delivering scaled localization.
The 13-level, 277,511 gross-square-foot, $190 million SFPUC headquarters building is one of the greenest urban office buildings of its kind, bringing together in a modern, contextually-designed office tower some of the most innovative new technologies at the forefront of building design.
1x in 2010 due to weak demand for water in a wet year and a sharp midyear rate increase from the SFPUC.
As initial protection against this possibility, the SFPUC constructed pipeline shutoff stations on either side of the fault in 2007, providing operators with the capability to shut down the pipelines between the two stations in the event of an earthquake.
Not only does it provide a seismically-sound alternative to the existing tunnel, the new tunnel will allow the SFPUC to take the existing tunnel out of service for much needed maintenance and repair.
As part of our commitment to be a national leader in sustainable design, we needed to select a water solution that would allow us to drastically minimize our water needs and incorporate ecological engineering and technology for water re-use," said SFPUC General Manager Ed Harrington.
The new system will send hourly consumption data to the SFPUC four times daily.
This presentation will cover a comprehensive large diameter transmission pipeline inspection program that the SFPUC began in 1990.
Notes: Pre-bid Conference will held on 09/14/16, 11:00 AM at SFPUC 525 Golden Gate Avenue Kirkwood Conference Room, 7th Floor San Francisco, CA 94102.
The SFPUC and NJTA contracts went to joint ventures that include Tutor Perini.
The primary responsibility of the TTAP is to review critical project deliverables and to provide technical advice to the SFPUC project team for the analysis and/or design of the Mountain Tunnel Project or the Central Bayside Systems Improvement Project.