SFRBStudent Fee Review Board (various schools)
SFRBSugar Free Red Bull (energy drink)
SFRBScavengeable Feed Resource Base (agriculture)
SFRBSoft-Funded Research Bursary (University of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
SFRBStudent Faculty Review Board (various schools)
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This study investigates possible changes in the hydrometeorological hazard, comprising the accumulated precipitation, the difference between precipitation and evaporation (P-E), and its potential impact on two SFRB reservoirs inflows (Q).
The comparison of the probability density functions (PDF) for 2016 annual flow under preanthropogenic (counterfactual ensemble) and current emissions (actual ensemble) for both SFRB regions (Figs.
This in turn will allow the identification of the potential differentiating traits of beef from SFRB.