SFRIState Forest Research Institute (Arunachal Pradesh, India; Department of Environment & Forests)
SFRISea Fisheries Research Institute (South Africa)
SFRIStatewide Forest Resource Inventory (Australia)
SFRISteering and Funding of Research Institutions (various locations)
SFRISludge Filtration Resistance Index
SFRIShanghai Fire Research Institute (Ministry of Public Security of China)
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In the continued evolution of this unique asset, SFRI will be realigning the site's 38 MW of power and 250 lbs/SF of floor loading to support a state-of-the-art data center and trading floor space, which will be available September 2011.
Chicago is one of the hottest data center markets in the United States," said SFRI President and Chief Executive Officer Avner Papouchado.
The SFRI is the result of a Master's Thesis project completed by a team of Stanford University graduate students under the guidance of the Hon.
The SFRI found that the most fiscally responsible countries are not the ones one would generally expect, including Australia and New Zealand as the front runners.
These three factors were taken into account when assigning countries' SFRI rankings.
Importantly, the nation's SFRI ranking would improve dramatically if policymakers adopted reforms that have the same fiscal impact as the National Fiscal Responsibility and Reform Commission's recommendations.