SFRYSocialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
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He also adds: It is the civil right of any man, even an inalienable national right of every nation to its opinion, national self-determination and secession, as set out by the Constitution of SFRY. A democracy that respects the civil rights of every man and nation is the democracy that this country needs (Fokus, Bauer, 1989: 9).
It should be taken into account that this result can be a consequence of a definition of FTA and CEFTA variables, which consist mostly of former SFRY countries, so in some way they overlap.
In particular, the economic and political crises in the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (SFRY) during the 1980s, which was accompanied by the intense friction between its constitutive nations, led to calls by new social movements and communist youth for socio-political changes (Vurnik 2005).
As mentioned earlier, the popular exhibition--titled 'Long Live Life'--is just one of more recent examples of nostalgia for the SFRY in the public sphere.
Many considered the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as one of the six republics of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (SFRY), Yugoslavia 'en miniature', inhabited mainly by the three peoples; Muslims (today Bosniaks) (i), Serbs, and Croats.
This article examines the material found in the archives of European Union institutions and the Diplomatic Archive of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Serbia, which kept the documents related to Community-Yugoslav relations after the collapse of the SFRY. The analysis covers the period from 1968, as it is important to see how the two parties documented their entry into a formal relationship, to 1983, the most recent year available to public access, due to the 30-year rule employed by the archive in Serbia.
Building companies from the countries of the former SFRY are going to form consortiums to be able to participate together in calls for bids and reinstate themselves in the long-lost markets of the Middle East, Iraq, Libya, Algeria, Egypt and the former Soviet Union.
What are your expectations as regards the future EU enlargement, especially with the countries of former SFRY? How do you assess relations between the Republic of Croatia and the other Balkan countries in the light of the Euro-integration process?
(3) All countries except Albania were part of former Socialist Federal Republic Yugoslavia (SFRY).
This paper examines practices of translators from another language cluster, that of the Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian languages, that bear a very high degree of mutual intelligibility to each other, but which were 'divided' by the 1990s collapse of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (hereafter: SFRY).
Republika Srpska (RS) Also referred to as the "Bosnian Serb Republic." One of two entities within the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina (the Yugoslavia (SFRY) other being the Federation inhabited primarily by Serbs.
According to them, as compensation for the Presevo valley, Macedonia might give Serbia part of the heritage of former SFRY as well as some territories around the Macedonian-Serbian territory.