SFSHSouth Florida State Hospital
SFSHSociety for the Service of Humanity (Pakistan)
SFSHSerum Follicle-Stimulating Hormone
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41-44) Schiff and his collaborators carried out two studies to assess the efficacy of the SFSH formula in reducing hypersensitivity on a sample population of 77.
These studies support that the SFSH dentifrice shares the anti-sensitivity characteristics of previous stannous fluoride formulations.
Before the introduction of this SFSH dentifrice, a large number of clinical trials had been carried out that demonstrated the efficacy of stannous fluoride in the control of dental caries.
A series of in vitro studies evaluating the anticaries potential of the SFSH formulation have been reported in one publication by Pfarrer and colleagues.
These studies indicate that this SFSH dentifrice is as effective as clinically proven fluoride dentifrices both in its mode of action and in its clinical effects.
In the 2 studies evaluating SFSH formulations, calculus reductions of 55% and 56% were seen versus the respective controls at 6 months.
A number of recent clinical trials have assessed the extrinsic stain removal efficacy of the SFSH dentifrice.
In reviewing these data, it appears that combining sodium hexametaphosphate with stannous fluoride in the SFSH formulation removes and inhibits extrinsic stain formation and that the SFSH dentifrice is as effective as positive control whitening dentifrices.
In order to assess the acceptability of the SFSH dentifrice, a practice-based assessment was undertaken involving dental professionals and their patients.
Eighty percent reported they would recommend the SFSH dentifrice; this rose to 91% among those professionals who observed improvements.