SFSMSouth Florida Science Museum (West Palm Beach, Florida)
SFSMStrade Ferrate Secondarie Meridionali (Italian: Railways Southern Secondary; est. 1890)
SFSMSan Francisco School of Massage (California)
SFSMSuperior Fashion School of Montreal (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)
SFSMSequential Function Specification Method (engineering)
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The principles and implementation of the two algorithms will be described in Section 3.1 and Section 3.2, respectively, and the structure of the SFSM and its efficiency control process will be described in Section 3.3.
d is determined by the SFSM. [theta] is a constant, and its value is between 0.05 and 0.1 based on the experience.
For each frame, the size of the sampling point is set by the SFSM.
Based on the above two methods, we design the SFSM to automatically control the rendering efficiency for crowd movement.
Crude protein content for SFSM was the highest, and then CSM, and DDGS was the lowest, but total AA content was the lowest for SFSM when expressed as crude protein percentage.
The DM and OM degradabilities of SFSM were significantly higher than those of CSM at 8 h, 24 h, and 36 h for both DM and OM (p < 0.01) and OM at 48 h (p < 0.01).
a value) of DM for SFSM and CSM was similar, and both of them were significantly greater than that of DDGS (p < 0.01).
During the whole incubation period, the ruminal degradation of SFSM was the highest, with CSM being the intermediate, and DDGS the lowest (p < 0.01).
The ten SFSM, diets and digesta samples were analyzed for dry matter (DM) (AOAC procedure 4.1.06, 2000), CP (AOAC procedure 990.03, 2000), Kjeldahl N (Thiex et al., 2002) and CP was calculated as N x 6.25.
The 10 SFSM were also analyzed for crude fiber (CF), ether extract (EE) (Thiex et al., 2003), ash, calcium (Ca) (AOAC procedure 4.8.03, 2000) and total phosphorus (AOAC procedure 3.4.11, 2000).
The chemical composition for 10 SFSM are shown in Table 1.