SFTNSorry for the Noise
SFTNSalvation for the Nations (various locations)
SFTNScholehouse for the Needle (Marietta, GA)
SFTNState Farm Telecommunications Network (insurance)
SFTNSanta Fe Trail Neighborhood (Independence, MO)
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The peaks at both LT and HT for SFTN are higher than that for SFT, and the peak areas in the TPD profiles of SFTN are larger than that of SFT, which suggested that the strength of acid sites of SFTN was stronger than that of SFT, indicating that the addition of Nd2O3 to SFT resulted in an increase of the acidity of the catalyst, being responsible for the better esterifiation reaction activity.
However, the SFTN catalyst shows more stable activity than SFT catalyst does and it can be reused 5 times effectively.
SFTN was obtained by heating the homogeneous solution of Nd(NO3)3*6H2O, [CH3(CH2)2O]4Ti, Fe(NO3)3*9H2O, C6H8O7*H2O and C2H5OH to combustion on the electric stove, collecting the ash followed by impregnating in 1.