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SFTPSupplemental Federal Test Procedure
SFTPSix Flags Theme Parks
SFTPSecured File Transfer Protocol (similar to SSH, but for files)
SFTPShielded Foil Twisted Pair (cable)
SFTPStudents for Teaching Peace
SFTPSilicon Flatirons Telecommunications Program (Silicon Flatirons Center for Law, Technology, and Entrepreneurship; University of Colorado; Boulder, CO)
SFTPSimple Fax Transport Protocol
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The new SSH Tectia products for secure file transfer were designed to meet the growing requirements to upgrade unsecured FTP connections to SFTP with minimum integration effort," said Arto Vainio, CEO of SSH Communications Security.
para]]"With the new SFTP Transfer trigger action, files uploaded to a DMZ drop zone can be automatically moved to another machine using the SFTP protocol," said Chris McElveny, VanDyke Software's product director for VShell.
Expanded support enables organizations to monitor and control SSL/TLS, Secure Shell, SFTP and RDP connections, closing security gaps and reducing the risk posed by advanced external threats.
SFTP, SCP, secure terminal, and TCP tunneling including TN3270
CryptoAuditor is an advanced content-aware access management solution that monitors, records and controls encrypted SSH, SFTP and RDP traffic and enables layered defenses such as DLP, IPS and SIEMs to detect threats and malicious activities within encrypted channels.
Enable simple, secure certificate management as well as automatic EDI content conversion at end points, overcoming the limitations of the SAP SFTP adapter
Our products enable developers to programmatically transfer files between PC or devices with FTP, FTP/SSL and SFTP servers, compress and decompress files, send, receive and manage mailboxes, create or modify Word, Excel and PDF documents, add support for SSO SAML to web and MVC applications.
This fact adds value to the commonly recognized efficiency of Handy Backup storage options (backup to FTP, SFTP, Amazon S3, local storage, and others) and makes the solution one of the enterprise backup service market's most powerful yet cost-efficient ones.
Native SFTP client implementation leverages IBM i platform improvements to increase secure file transfer performance
By using Pragma's SSH/SFTP/SCP Server and Client technologies, which embed its FIPS Crypto modules, customers can copy, deploy and manage files securely from Windows machines to Windows servers, Cisco routers, network switches, Unix servers, Linux servers and Mainframes using SFTP and SCP, the de-facto secure file transfer standards.
citizens, was built with IPv6 in mind, and, with last year's CoN, is now in position to become our military's leading solution for FTP, SFTP, FTPS or web transfer deployments.
Among other remote storage options, there is smooth backup to FTP, FTPS, and SFTP.