SFTTSoldiers For The Truth
SFTTSecondary Level of Failures to Tolerate (computer networking)
SFTTSan Francisco Transbay Terminal (California)
SFTTSingle-Queue, Fifo, Timeout, Average Timeout Scheme
SFTTSan Francisco Team Tibet (human rights organization)
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Statistical parameters of normal distribution of strength deduced from SFTT are reported in Table 3.
Many other reasons can be advanced to explain discrepancies on Weibull plots and high scatters observed on SFTT results: the use of an empirical estimator, the selection and damage of the fibres during the operation of sampling, or the low sample size leading to a low representativity in the case of brittle materials [35, 41].
Figure 9 shows that tensile strength values obtained from bundle tensile tests are in good agreement with those obtained by SFTT although a slight difference can be noticed.
In this work, [[sigma].sub.f] could be determined in the SFTT, [r.sub.f] was determined using the equation of [r.sub.f] = [P.sub.e]/2[pi], where fiber perimeter [P.sub.e] was determined by SEM observation, and [[tau].sub.IFSS] was obtained in SFPT tests.
However, no organization, except SFTT, is dedicated day in, day out, to being there for our stalwart warriors as they stand tall for their country out in the shifting sands of the Valley of the Shadow of Death--to try to prevent them from being killed or wounded in the first place.
SFTT's mission is to get the troops the best available, basic five critical pieces of combat gear that give them the best chance possible to come home alive and in one piece--helmet, rifle, sidearm, boots and body armor.
She said SFTT would be reaching out to Nike to see if it could develop "the right foot stuff." Then would come the business of swaying the Department of Defense (DoD) procurement system to use it, a chore that takes "time and public outcry."
The basic idea is that the SFTT's CMI would provide the operational standards, eligibility criteria, and online infrastructure that would enable the institutions involved to form reciprocal relationships.
The talent and the youth that is required can be found among the student body and the SFTT's CMI will provide expertise and infrastructure to complement the international research networks that stem out from universities.
As noted above, the Six Finger Think Tank (SFTT) will provide operational standards, eligibility criteria, and online infrastructure that will enable the institutions involved to form reciprocal relationships.
Challenges and Limitations of SFTT Carried on Natural Fibers
SFTT was first developed to determine the tensile properties of synthetic fibers (ASTM D 3822-01).