SFTTSoldiers For The Truth
SFTTSan Francisco Transbay Terminal (California)
SFTTSingle-Queue, Fifo, Timeout, Average Timeout Scheme
SFTTSan Francisco Team Tibet (human rights organization)
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Meanwhile, thanks in no small part to the advocacy and influence of SFTT, the Chairman of the U.
SFTT has also launched a PTSD initiative which has mobilized a top medical task force to give seriously traumatized warriors access to the latest Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)/Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) therapeutic modalities, collaborating with CDS Warrior Salute on a Pilot Treatment Program, and developing a comprehensive national referral resource.
To facilitate the effort, SFTT has formed a medical advisory task force including the most prominent in the field of mental health, including renowned psychiatrist Robert Cancro, MD Chairman Emeritus of NYU Langone Medical Center's Department of Psychiatry, Grant Brenner, MD of New York's William Allenson White Institute, and Jaine Darwin of Harvard.
If more Americans stay mindful of the dreadful consequences of war and help SFTT carry Hack's torch, we can together "support the troops with more than lip service," and make sure more of our brave volunteers survive whatever lies ahead.
SFTT is the first organization to throw a harsh spotlight on this shameful issue.
SFTT is a grass-roots educational organization founded in 1998 by the late Colonel David Hackworth, his wife Eilhys England, current SFTT President Roger Charles and a small group of concerned veterans and citizens to inform and educate the public, Congress, and the media on the unacceptable readiness levels of our armed forces.
Inspired by the outspoken idealism of Colonel Hackworth and his lifelong dedication to military reform, SFTT aims to give our nation's frontline troops a clear voice and an unfiltered means to communicate with the media, Congress, the public, and the respective military services.
To arrange interviews with Lieutenant Colonel Roger Charles, president SFTT or Eilhys England, chair and CEO SFTT contact: Barbara Pflughaupt P&F Communications Barbara@pfcomm.
The following SFTT were conducted according to ASTM D 3822-01 at room temperature.
As the improved SFTT method improves the accuracy and reproducibility of the test, but it requires a long process, six specimens with good fracture end were assumed to be fair enough to determine the tensile property of fibers.
A good question that needs to be answered at this point is whether the results reflect the real inhomogeneous nature of the natural fibers or the limitations of the conventional SFTT or both?
As clearly seen, this method provides a most improved fiber cross-section area determination for the SFTT.