SFUSDSan Francisco Unified School District
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Upon successful completion of the program, residents are guaranteed a job teaching in SFUSD and receive two years of additional intensive coaching and mentoring support--known as induction--from SFTR.
A community advisory committee, appointed by the superintendent and SFUSD Board of Education members, recommended PEEF spending proposals to the Board.
30) These strategies urge attorneys who view the outcome of the SFUSD litigation as a success to reconsider the wisdom of encouraging Asian-American plaintiffs to challenge the constitutionality of race-conscious programs.
Although the SFUSD still maintains that race may be used under the settlement, it has so far abandoned its plans to use race as one factor among many, see infra notes 74 and 85 (discussing these proposals), in favor of race-neutral alternatives.
In 1988, he was brought to SFUSD to be a turnaround principal at Horace Mann Middle School, one of the lowest-achieving schools in the district.
Newsom shared how the city was able to make up a recent SFUSD funding shortfall to save many teachers' jobs.
In addition, it creates a budget stabilization reserve funded with volatile revenues, which does not provide funds to the SFUSD and which would be depleted more slowly during economic downturns.
The only cost to the SFUSD and other districts that get computers from CRC is a $99-per-computer-per-year service contract to cover an over-the-counter exchange for another machine if they need it.
Based on interviews with key stakeholders in the district, the author describes how the district and union worked together in SFUSD both to increase general compensation and also to introduce new compensation strategies that support closer alignment between school district goals and expenditures for teacher salaries.